Dental Bridges in Bethel, CT

It's preferable to have a full set of teeth for several reasons. If you have a gap in your smile and are looking for dental bridges near me, you're welcome to come to see us at DiBella Dental Care. We're here to help our local community in the greater Bethel region.

Why Dental Bridges Are Important

When you have missing teeth, you might want to hide your smile. Addressing the gap in your teeth with a dental bridge could improve your confidence. Additionally, putting in a dental bridge can help you with chewing, biting, and speaking. The dental bridge also keeps your natural teeth in place. When there is a gap in your mouth, the teeth adjacent to that gap have a tendency to shift to fill the void. This shifting can be uncomfortable, and it can lead to other issues.

Type of Dental Bridges Near Me

A dental bridge can come in a few different types. Perhaps the most common are fixed bridges. A fixed bridge consists of crowns on either side and in the middle, there would be pontics, which are the artificial teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Sandra Echavarria, will be able to affix the crowns to your natural teeth that are adjacent to the missing teeth. Those crowns will be connected to the pontics, and it will appear as if all of your teeth are natural.

In some cases, we may have to affix the pontics to just one crown instead of a crown on both sides of the bridge. This is what may be required if you're missing one of your back molars.

There could also be a removable bridge. As its name suggests, it would not be permanently in place and would instead be affixed to the adjacent teeth using clasps.

Finally, Dr. Echavarria sometimes works with implant bridges. This type of bridge attaches the pontics to implants instead of natural teeth. 

These bridges may be made out of metal, porcelain, ceramic, or a combination of these materials, which are all safe, durable, and affordable.

The Procedure for Dental Bridges

This type of dental treatment involves a few visits to our office in Bethel. We'll need to determine what type of bridge would be ideal, and we'll have to prepare the teeth adjacent to the gap. This would involve shaping them and putting crowns on them. A temporary bridge may be placed in your mouth while we have the permanent bridge made. This permanent bridge would be made from the impressions or scans we take of your teeth. Finally, when it's ready, the permanent bridge will be placed, and Dr. Echavarria will make final adjustments as necessary.

At DiBella Dental Care, we're ready to help you. Turn to our practice if you're looking for dental bridges near me. Contact us for an appointment.