Periodontal Disease Treatment in Brookfield, CT

Welcome to DiBella Dental Care, your dedicated provider of comprehensive oral health services. Our seasoned dentist, Dr. Sandra Echavarria, is experienced in diagnosing and treating periodontal disease, ensuring optimal dental health for our Brookfield, CT, community.

What Is Periodontal Disease and What Causes It?

Periodontal disease, also termed gum disease, is a serious infection of the gums and supporting bone structure of the teeth. It's caused by the accumulation of plaque, a bacteria-laden film on the teeth. Without removal, plaque hardens into tartar, leading to gum inflammation or gingivitis. Untreated gingivitis can progress into periodontitis, potentially causing tooth loss and additional health complications.

What Treatment Options Are Available for Periodontal Disease?

Treatment options for periodontal disease vary from non-surgical procedures like dental cleanings, scaling, and root planing to surgical interventions for severe cases. These could include pocket reduction surgery or gum grafting.

The Process of Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing or deep cleaning is a non-surgical treatment for early-stage periodontal disease. Scaling removes plaque and tartar from the tooth surface and beneath the gum line, while root planing smooths the tooth roots, inhibiting future plaque and tartar buildup. This procedure can reduce gum pocket depth and prevent disease progression.

What to Expect During a Periodontal Disease Treatment Appointment

DiBella Dental Care's periodontal disease treatment appointment starts with a thorough oral examination. Dr. Echavarria might suggest a deep cleaning or other treatment options depending on the disease's severity. Our team ensures a comfortable and nearly painless experience.

How Is Periodontal Disease Diagnosed in Brookfield, CT?

We diagnose periodontal disease through a detailed assessment of your oral hygiene practices, checking for signs of gum inflammation, and measuring gum pocket depths. Dental X-rays may be used to determine bone loss in areas with deep pockets.

Are There Surgical Treatments for Advanced Periodontal Disease?

In advanced stages of periodontal disease, surgical treatments such as flap surgery, soft tissue or bone grafts, or guided tissue regeneration may be necessary.

Recovery After Periodontal Disease Treatment

Recovery periods depend on the specific treatment and disease severity. Non-surgical treatments, like scaling and root planing, usually have a short recovery time, whereas surgical procedures might necessitate a few weeks of healing.

How Can I Prevent Periodontal Disease?

Good oral hygiene, regular dental cleanings, and routine check-ups are essential to prevent periodontal disease. Other benefits include quitting smoking, managing diabetes, and maintaining a balanced diet.

Cost Of Periodontal Disease Treatment in Brookfield, CT

The treatment cost of periodontal disease varies based on the treatment type and extent. For more detailed cost information, please call us at 203-798-0022.

Seeking Reputable Periodontists in Brookfield, CT

For reliable periodontal disease treatment in Brookfield, CT, consider DiBella Dental Care. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Sandra Echavarria, our team is here to provide you with comprehensive care. Call us at 203-798-0022 to schedule a consultation. Let's embark on your journey toward better oral health together!